Renewables/The new frontier of investment? The solar gardens

It comes from Spain, where since 2003, a new form of investment linkedimage to renewable energy, which could in a moment of difficulty in financial markets as the present one, represent a cornerstone for the many savers who do not really know what direction taken and especially of those who trust. They are called "Huertos solares" and were created by Acciona, a company leader in photovoltaic and wind power in Spain.
The concept is very simple and is identified in the possibility of sharing it among several investors units of a large photovoltaic system, so managing to kill one of the major impediments, so far, development of the sector, which is still higher than the costs installations and their goodwill. Every single investor instead in this way, with a relatively modest supply of money, could enjoy the benefits of generous incentives promoted by Consolidated Energy for 20 years and then decide what to do after the expiration of the incentive period.
Acciona in Spain has already deployed 12 "solar gardens" for a capacity of over 25 MW of power. The largest has a capacity of nearly 10 Mw and about 750 owners who have paid around 50,000 euros to get a slice of the great facility and enjoy the economic benefits of generous incentive plan Spanish. Overall project Spaniards joined around 2200 investors who bought shares for a total of 177 million euros. According to calculations made by specialists of the money invested was written off in about 3-4 years, and the average income of a solar share is around intron 8 to 10% annually.
In our country, which is still behind the Spanish country in the development of renewable energy resources, timeshare this form of the sun has not yet made its appearance if not at trial, as is the case of photovoltaic condominium project, led forward in 2006 by the Department of Industrial Chemistry, University of Bologna: in short, promote and organize the ownership of a photovoltaic 300 KWp on a roof of a joint industrial belt town of Bologna.
Or something like that is contained in the draft Heliantide construction of the farm in Calabria, which will be equipped with solar photovoltaic power to chase with a capacity of over 350 kWp and manufacturability awaiting 676,052 kWh per year. Heliantide will therefore be the destination for investment by those who are interested in buying shares is that the power of timeshare photovoltaic of residential villas. It is a package amounting to 4,499,000 euros divided into two parts: one for those targeted to invest in solar photovoltaic central KWp from 352.8, and the other for those facing the purchase of timeshare facility integrated into the structures and of residential villas.
But certain is that in our country yet there is nothing organized as in Spain. The idea that some might even grow businesses that could create real "photovoltaic districts, consortium and buying portions of a large central photovoltaic that could be used to supply power to enterprises and is to get the incentives from the State on energy not consumed locally.


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