Adsense Gain 4 Tips to Improve

Adsense gains can be improved in many waysimage and with hard work. 
Here are 4 tricks that I think to be very powerful in helping to improve AdSense performaces.

  • Adsense Format 

The adsense format that attracts more clicks, and consequently generate more revenue is the Large Rectangle (336 x 280).  It is perhaps a little too "cumbersome" but pays well.

  • Color Palette 

Many bloggers leave this aspect, and use the default palette of colors from AdSense! The best combination of colors that you can use for your ads is the one and camouflages harmonises with your blog.  So if your blog use a white background, links red and black title, even AdSense ads will have the same colors.

  • Ad placement 
Generally, once you create your Ad you have the problem of positioning it? The position that maximizes your income is high, close to the title of the article. Council above or below.

  • Visitors 
What users are more likely to click on AdSense ads? Not the frequent users (now they do not "see" them at all!), But they are the occasional visitors.  The occasional visitors are those that you get from Google. Therefore, to increase your earnings you have to improve the ranking of your blog.

How do you place your blog in the first places in the SERP of Google? Look back link, write quality articles daily, enter keywords in the title of the post ...

Moral: If you want to maximize the gain of AdSense ads on your blog, create a large rectangle banner, using a palette of colors similar to that of your blog, position it above or below the title of the article, and procured so much traffic from search engines !


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