Mystery At Coral Castle

Coral castle is a mysterious megalithic structure created by the Latvian Edwar Leedskalnin in Homestead, Florida. The structure consists of numerous stones some of which weigh several tons. The structure is considered mysterious mainly since it was assembled by a single man (it was just a meter high and 39 and weighed 52 kg) and without any external help. Leedskalnin has kept the secret techniques used and this has led to the formulation of several hypotheses on methods he used. It was suggested the use of an anti-gravitational system or based on "harmonic sound waves," according to others on the magnetism.

Some kids who have assisted in the work said that were used hydrogen balloons to lift the blocks. Very are also credited the hypothesis that Ed would have used the
magnetic grid of the planet. Leedskalnin said of know the secret of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and to have applied this knowledge in the construction of Coral castle. In reality, there are photographs that show Leedskalnin use quite common techniques, such as hoists and pulleys, but it is thought that would not have supported the weight of larger blocks. However, the mysterious aura has helped to make Coral Castle a goal for tourism, to visit which Leedskalnin required a ticket to go in. To all intents and purposes Coral castle is not a real building, but rather a romantic garden surrounded by a fence of stone and a small building. Many structures are present within particularly fascinating. There are sundials for the calculation of time, a hole on a obelisco perfectly aligned to the star Polar, a table of rock shaped like a heart with a flower planted in center (which was the table had flowers all year), in an armchair stone weighing a tonne, a "fountain of the moon" that
represents the phases of the moon. The input port consists of a monolith weighing 9 tons, built in the middle with a perfect balance such that it is sufficient to push with a finger on the monolith to move it.

In 1986, the port was blocked, and a group of engineers was responsible for repair. After having lifted the blockade it was discovered that Leedskalnin had used the bearing of an old truck as a pivot. The castle was also equipped with a power station and a self air-conditioning, in addition to other electrical systems.


  1. last time i saw a part about this they showed parts of a mechanism in the ground and a box on a tripod


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