Area 51. No UFO. Declassified CIA documents reveal

The CIA has declassified the operation that served to remove any trace of the secret project. In 1963 a secret invisible aircraft has been developed in the secret Area 51.

The CIA created Area 51 in 1955 to develop and test some secret military projects in the isolated desert of Nevada. More than 50 years later, the base officially does not exist yet, and will not appear on U.S. government maps.

In the fifties and sixties The Area 51 was the center of the Oxcart project, which aimed to set a spy plane that was supposed to take the place of the U-2, which became famous in the early years of the Cold War for photos in strategic locations of enemies that could be triggered by high fees.

During the approximately 2,850 flight ultra secret tests, many people managed to see the same strange (for the time) figures of futuristic aircraft.

Unrecognizable even to air traffic controllers and pilots of commercial aircraft, sightings of shiny titanium aircraft contributed to the growing rumors of a hypothetical presence of aliens (UFO, unidentified flying objects) in the Area 51.

As a result of the project was produced Archangel-12 or A-12, the first true invisible to radar airplane, according to several experts.

The A-12 is capable of flying at 3,220 km / h and cross the continental United States in 70 minutes and at the same time taking pictures sharp enough to detect an object of 30 cm from a height of 27 thousand meters.

Here are some photos (credit National Geographic). Click on a photo to start slideshow.


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