Neutrinos Faster Than Speed of Light?

Since Einstein stated than c, the speed of light in vacuum, is a universal constant in nature, several experiments have been made confirming this assumption. Recently Scientists in Switzerland say an experiment appears to show that tiny particles traveled faster than the speed of light -- a result that would seem to defy the laws of nature. The physicists say that neutrinos sent 730 kilometers (453.6 miles) underground between laboratories in Switzerland and Italy arrived a fraction of a second sooner than they should have, according to the speed of light.

The physicists say the measurements of the distance and the time involved were performed with great precision, to nanosecond accuracy. And the results seemed to show the neutrinos travel "at a velocity 20 parts per million above the speed of light, nature's cosmic speed limit."

On 18th of November the Scientists rechecked parts of the experiment to take into account suggestions from their critics. They announced Friday that the new test confirms the initial findings. While this result is a very significant improvement over the previous measurement, many of the concerns that have been raised about possible sources of uncertainty remain. “We should probably remain skeptical until we have confirmation from other experiments,” said a Scientist.

Anyway few theories have emerged during the past that raises the possibility that the speed of light limit could be violated. Those theories embed the Einstein's Special Relativity as a low energy limit.

We talked about these new Relativistic Theories here and here. They have emerged to explain some paradoxes that are evident when one tries to match General Relativity with Quantum Physics.

Are we at a dawn of a new Scientific Era?


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