MBA degree at distance and networking

The MBA at distance degree, sometimes erroneously called MBA online degree, are becoming increasingly demanded by professionals interested in management training but who wish to maintain their present job. To faced with this demand, the business school are currently incorporating more and more in their courses. But if a major benefit of a Full Time MBA course is the networking opportunity, can a MBA at distance offer the same advantage? Dr. Paul Walley, academic director of distance learning MBA at Warwick Business School, and Associate Professor of Operations Management, explains how an MBA distance learning is not a lonely experience.

When Dr. Walley began working on a MBA at distance, many years ago, every student received by mail a heavy pack full of books and handouts. Tasks were performed on four sheets of carbon paper and returned by mail. Times have changed enormously.

Now that internet has made communication faster and reliable, has opened a wide range of possibilities to communicate more effectively with the faculty and, perhaps more importantly, with other students. One of the aspects more important than an MBA is the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills and at the same time new network that will help their future career. Students in Full Time MBA benefit immediately new friendships and knowledge of business during their studies, this is especially useful for those career change and need to build new contacts. Many MBA students at distance, affected rather to make a career step within their work, prefer to study part-time and have more time for the existing working relationship and their networks. Maintain existing social networks can also be an advantage during the study, for example working with people with whom you work and who are maybe studying for an MBA course.


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