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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Nicolas Cage is a Vampire

Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire? This is not a new Twilight novel but this is according to a US antiquities who shows the evidences to those who accuse him of madness. A yellowed picture which depicts a man dressed in nineteenth century. Nicolas Cage a Vampire.

The resemblance to the actor is really impressive. Having reassured that this is not a montage, the man is selling the photos of Nicolas Cage Vampire on eBay. For the modest sum of one million dollars. "This is the proof that Nicolas Cage is a vampire or a non-dead," says the man. "In 150 years could be a politician, a leader of any religion or the host of a talk show." The page on eBay, meanwhile, has disappeared. No mystery: was removed by the administration because of a violation of the terms.


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