Strange structures on the Moon. NASA confirms indirectly

NASA has confirmed, but only accidentally, what many people have suspected for long time, namely Moon's Ruins of mysterious civilizations. In the picture below, taken at the NASA Ames Research Center, if we zoom the picture on the table, we can clearly distinguish two structures on the Moon that are not necessarily natural. 

We can clearly see a square shaped building, and on the right a triangular structure or maybe a bridge on the Moon. The Man in the foreground is Anthony Colaprete and works at NASA  Could those structures on the Moon be made by civilizations? It 'a very intriguing mystery. Below there is also a Video of the strange structures on the Moon.

Video of the Strange Structures on The Moon visible on a NASA picture


  1. Hello, I'm the Conte Rovescio, I just posted the solution to the mystery that you had highlighted in my blog. If you want to see Come to find on this page

  2. Hello Conte Rovescio. I'll go to see on your blog what is the solution. Clearly if really there was artifacts on the Moon everybody would know it. There are too many satellites rounding around the Moon and too many Nations looking at the Moon. It would be highly unlikely that They could manage to keep the confidentiality of something so blatant.


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