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Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Life on Mars

Is there Life on Mars? Some new Curiosity pictures seems to confirm that perhaps life was present on Mars year Ago!
How do you can explain the Lizard walking on the Martian soil?
Or the Brontosaurus stuck in the Martian soil?
And what about the Mars rat.
All the pic in the Gallery are credited by Nasa and appear in the official archive of the photos taken by Curiosity on the Martian soil.
It could be an optical illusion but who knows. Maybe Mars was populated log time ago from strange creatures.

There is comprehensive evidence for life on Mars if you know where and how to look for it. It seems one can find everything from animals to fossils, bones, skulls and even carved or manufactured objects. They can be found in some of the images beamed down from the Mars Rover Curiosity. Unfortunately NASA seem to be over compressing most of the images that are free to download from their website but some of the large panoramic TIF files are of good quality and are at 200 DPI. (Dots per inch)

These are the ones to go for. The animals in the main are dead and look freeze dried in Gale Crater. Mummified in the extreme cold nights that in go down to about minus 60 but the days are hot. Up to 70 degrees or more. There are very conflicting views about the temperatures on Mars mainly caused by people using averages witch are quite misleading. As for the air on Mars we are told that there is only 0.5% oxygen. Personally I think more like 5% in some areas unless the surviving creatures have adapted to breath Co2 or Hydrogen. This may explain why most of the living creatures found so far are small rodents and reptiles. They can survive on very low quality air and can burrow to avoid freezing.
I don't know if life or Mars was present or not. The same question is posed by David Bowie song below:

Video. David Bowie Life on Mars



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