Loneliness is fought with nostalgia

What a good memory of those days, evenings with friends, holidays spent in family, the games of childhood with children of neighborhood. But all these memories do not come a little bit sadness? They are not to sigh melancholy at the thought of things lost? It is exactly the contrary. That nostalgia has a sweet taste - bitter has always known, but now psychologists assume that it even has a role corroborant and to help combat the loneliness.

The nostalgia in fact help to improve, in people who feel alone, the perception of its ability to have social relationships and meaningful relationships, reminding them that there was a time when they had them.

The study published in the journal Psychological Science, analyze more than a thousand people to conclude sentimental thoughts that may have a role curative and acting in a virtuous circle. In practice it is the people best equipped ability to "recovery" that when you feel alone, resort to nostalgia as sentiment consolatory and thus exceed the feeling of loneliness. "The nostalgia," ends the Chinese researchers of Yat-sen University and University of British of Southampton, who carried out the study, "is a psychological resource that protects and promotes the
Mental health ".


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