Performance of a photovoltaic system: the best online simulators

Being able to calculate the yield of a photovoltaic plant is essential in order to assess its economic performance. As we have repeatedly reiterated the possessor of a photovoltaic system can be indeed considered an Electicity Producer. And it is precisely on the basis of this production that the several States has  created an incentive mechanism. A photovoltaic system that produces, for example 10 kWh per day, will be promoted on the basis of that production. Hence the need to have an idea of what will be the annual production of the photovoltaic system.

There are various tools to estimate the production in kWh/year of a photovoltaic system. The best is undoubtly the simulator of the European Community called PV-GIS  and that allows for very accurate simulations at any latitude and longitude in Europe and Africa. The link to access PV-GIS Europe is as follows: 

On the left side of the web page you can select a location by making a name search or looking at the geographical coordinates. On the right side you can enter the PV of which you want to determine the performance in kWh. You can leave the PV-GIS simulator to identify the optimal direction and angle of the location. The simulation is based on Solar data radiation collected over the past 9 years. Thus, it is a fairly reliable simulation. You must at the same time take into consideration some recommendations for the use of this data. The production of a photovoltaic system depends on many factors that often are not easily identifiable as the average operating temperature of solar cells, the shaded area etc ... PV-GIS does not take into account any sources of shade. The result of the simulation is very comprehensive and provides information on the monthly / annual production in kWh.


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