An airplane flying through solar energy

An airplane flying through solar energy. It seems incredible but it's all true! solar airplane
Making the tour of the world with an airplane flying through solar energy.This is the new challenge set by the Swiss Bertrand Piccard who, after having flown in 1999 around the world non-stop, with the Breitling Orbiter balloon, along with British Brian Jones, now wants to repeat the company on board of an airplane energy powered only by solar energy.
The event 'was announced in Lausanne by the Bertrand Piccard, which in 46 years, want to stand out again the flight: the technological challenge will be' attempted in 2007 with the first flight at night and in 2009 with the entire trip around the world , as revealed on the same explorer in a press conference at the Polytechnic of Lausanne (EPFL). I am the expert of the Swiss Polytechnic which will assist in the company, realizing the revolutionary aircraft.
The objective 'to design a vehicle without fossil fuel emissions and pollutants that can remain in flight at night thanks to solar energy.
"The company said Piccard--also has a message: to demonstrate the crucial role that can 'carry out cutting-edge technology in promoting sustainable development and renewable energy feasibility study rinnovabili.Lo' and 'newly concluso.Il design of 'require air' still at least a 'year of work, then passera' phase of the first prototype and costruzione.Il 'in 2006 and the first flight test in June of that year.
The plane will have 'the silhouette of a giant glider with 150 square feet of wing surface, and this in order to capture and store all the energy possible during the 9-10 day and can remain in the air even at night. "
"If the company andra 'in port there will be closer to flight ever," concluded Piccard profession is that of the psychiatrist.
The EPFL plans to develop multifunctional materials and particularly leggeri.E' also provides for the development of an automatic pilot "smart", able to anticipate situations and to rouse the pilot if necessary. "


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