Creating A successful Blog In Eight Simple Steps

Knowing how to filter, select and repeat content is as important asimage creating new ones.

The recipe to open a successful blog is not complicated. This post is dedicated to those who would like to open a blog and do not know how to get started, and who fails to take off on their own.
Under the assumption of knowing a little of English and starting in the most simple possible way without necessarily produce original content, here's how to create the conditions for a successful blog.

Open a blog with Wordpress
The platform of the blog is important because it allows you to automate links to blogs that link to your post and vice-versa (trackback).
The dilemma is between Wordpress and Movable Type, but if the criterion of choice of platform is to generate as much traffic as quickly then you must open a blog on Wordpress for a simple reason: it is the most widely used and provides a higher level of customization thanks to countless plugins and templates for all needs.

Select few but authoritative sources in English
  Almost all bloggers on the planet do not generate content, but merely comment / translate  the same news coming from the same sources (called background noise, Law 1% etc etc). It 'important that you draw directly to original sources skipping the intermediate ones.
Here are 5 sites that are a good package of essential source from new media, web 2.0 etc:

News and articles on Web 2.0 and social media
Excellent source for useful programs and tips on your PC
Specific recommendations for improving the quality of your blog and monetize traffic
The best site to know the background and the rumors in the start-up and new media. Very often the news, first to become news, appear on Techcrunch as rumors...
It 'a social media for specific web applications and start-up. All the new web based services go from here, and users love the blog reporting the new web services
If you wont to trait other topics of course you will need to find sources relevant to your interests.
Metabolize the process of acquisition of new news  Monitoring and evaluating new post from various sources must be an easy process but it could cause considerable stress from information overload.
It should be as simple as .... open the browser. It is 'what I advice you; 

  • Create a home page to iGoogle
If you have any Google account you can customize your home page by adding many contents, including of course the RSS feed sources of the sites that I have previously mentioned.
  • Use your iGoogle page as your home page in your browser
In doing so each time you open your browser you'll have an eye on the abstracts of the most recent posts of your sources.
Select and publish the post more interesting
Choose a daily news from your sources and post to your blog;
  1. add your comments and your views
  2. link and always mentions the source without any fear or hesitation
  3. always post a relevant image (possibly use a creative commons online resource as Flickr)
You should also include links to other in-depth articles, or perhaps other posts. Incomink generates links with automatic trackback and offers a useful service to your readers.
Share and Spread the post more interesting to social services news, but wisely. There are many social media that allow you to share content (including itself) and attract visitors. Use a strategy that allows you to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.
    1. Digg
       Allows you to post and share news that are rated by users. Top rated videos are shown on the home page and can attract thousands of visitors in one day.
    2. OnlyWire
       It 'a service that allows you to save and share their links to dozens and dozens of social bookmark services in a single stroke 
A recommendation not to post indiscriminately all but spread only the post that you will find interesting even if they were not written by you. This little strategy will you allow to gain authority and get the attention of the users.
Filtering, selecting and testing the new news is disseminated every day and it is becoming an important process almost as generate original content.
If no one bothering to filter, select and propose again, how many people will lose original news into the global information without targeting those who are addressed? 

Slowly learn to understand what your readers are trying to learn more about your inclinations. In this way you will learn to better target your searches, and to select other sources, to focus on creating original news and generate new kinds of content (audio, video, etc.).
Feel the need to refine the tools and use RSS aggregators as comprehensive and effective. Find more specific social network and learn how to use best those which already uses.
However go good job.
(italian source)


  1. You forgot to mention to "Be Careful" when posting photos. Especially those photos pulled directly from tabloids. Getting a email from a copyright owner is not something you want to see in your email

  2. That's true! I'll review my post adding some free resources where to take photos in creative commons licence from...bye


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