Found self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

leonardo da vinci
It has been found to Acerenza, in the province of Potenza (Italy), a hypothetical portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. The work, a table of 60 to 44 centimeters painted by oil presumably in the sixteenth century, could be of Cristofano dell'Altissimo or even a self portrait of Leonardo himself. The work, discovered by Nicola Barbatelli, Researcher of medieval history, is now entrusted to the Director of the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci, Alessandro Vezzosi, who will examine and trace the exact paternity.

According to the reconstruction of Barbetelli, the table is belonged to the noble family of Tuscany origin dei Segni which had developed close friendship with the artist and that was subsequently established to Acerenza. The painting depicts three quarters of Leonardo and his hat, like the so-called "Autoritratto" in the Uffizi, as considered for two centuries until, in 1938, an X-ray has denied definitively the leonardian autography. Among other things, we must determine whether the portrait is earlier or later than Florentine.


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