Health and Body Care With Youtube

In the YouTube Era health and body care with YouTube is possible. There are several online tools that allow to get sculpted abs and iron pecs. Here a post a review of the best set of exercises that cannot be missed for those who start a course in Health Care with YouTube.

All the exercises I have chosen not require weights and are bodyweight. So you can do Health care only by means of a device that can surf the net.

 I always recommend to beginners to be careful and to be guided, where possible, by an expert to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Health care program should start from abs.

Abdominal - Follow the instructions as in the video

Then a good Health care program needs

Pectoral - The video is in Spanish but intuitive

After pecs the next exercise is

Shoulders and triceps

Unfortunately there is no possibility to train biceps without weights. Anyway the pecs exercises train also biceps even thought they are not specific.

I half an hour following those 3 sets of training you can get in 6 months a good Health care level!
Good luck.


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  2. Thank you. Come back when you want.


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