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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Obama and science. Changes for science

The results of U.S. elections also involve research and environment. Here'simage the scientific program of the future president of the United States of America.
For celebrations of the night of Nov. 4 to Chigago were also attended numerous scientists. Among the multitude of supporters of the new American president has distinguished itself, in fact, a spontaneous coming from the world of scientific research. The expectations also change science, said the U.S. magazine Science: there are many scientific questions that every day should come to terms with politics and the rest of society. Today, the American science  sees its world leadership in crisis. If the years following the Second World War science and technology were key levers for economic growth in the United States, today this leadership is threatened by global competition which sees the new powers such as China, India, Brazil on the one hand, and on the other financial crisis. These reasons have meant that the scientists push American candidate in American public exposure of their political agenda on issues that have to do with policy research, education and environmental policies.
Here, briefly, some of the scientific program key points of the future U.S. president Barak Obama.


Science and technology are priority areas for the administration of the new president who wishes to increase funding for basic research in physics, mathematics, in life sciences, engineering with the aim of doubling the investment over the next decade. Special attention is given to young researchers who want to pursue a scientific career, which will be allocated more scholarships. The new government is committed to support research programs at high risk (and high-result) in all research American institutions, and invest in innovative research that meet the energy needs of the country and the transformation of defense projects.

Climate change:

Barack Obama answered questions from scientists about global warming claiming that now there are doubts about human responsibility to improve the global temperature: You must react quickly and appropriately. Abrupt change of direction then compared to Bush. Obama argues that the United States must assume a global leadership role in the development of technology and economy that aims to reduce by 2050 emissions of carbon dioxide by 80%. Environmental policy also will include the implementation of cap and trade system, a flexible system of emissions trading among the U.S. states, which already has proven very effective in Europe. One of the first tasks of the future administration will be to set targets for reducing greenhouse gas per year, with the objective to bring lair 2020 levels of carbon dioxide emitted to those of 1990.
The new administration will work actively with the international community to combat global warming, and create the Global Energy Forum, which will work the G8 countries along with five other world powers: Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa.


How to promote U.S. economic growth and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of the country? Obama responds by supporting more efficient energy use, hence the need for action on two fronts: on the one hand we need to support research on alternative and renewable energy with an investment that within the next ten years will reach 150 billion dollars, the other to provide incentives for retraining and adoption of technologies based on renewable energy. The research includes: the development of alternative fuels, urban technologies for energy saving, new vehicle design with reduced consumption, storage and distribution of new concepts, technologies for the storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and a new generation nuclear technology for electricity generation safer and more environmentally compatible.


The science education should be more accessible, not only those intending to pursue a scientific career, but to all American citizens so they can participate actively in political decisions involving this type of knowledge. The effort will be to work to ensure that even the most disadvantaged have access to scientific knowledge. The new administration will support research on science education, including innovative, and, recognizing the central role of teachers in the formation of citizenship, seeks to improve their condition, including economic, within the school system. Naturally, the measures would cover not only teachers of science: The objective is to achieve a high standard of quality in all areas of school education.

Genetic research:

The potential of genetic research for the improvement of health and human nutrition is enormous but it is also true that there are important ethical, legal and social implications that must not be neglected. The genetic information of a person, for example, may be useful for diagnosis of risks to his health, but could also be used to discriminate against this individual. For this reason Obama supports the law on genetic discrimination not recently been approved by the U.S.. Obama also supports genetic research in agriculture and medicine, but under close supervision by the state to protect the safety and health of citizens.

Stem cells:

Consider the promises that come from this line of research, Obama will support research on stem cells and eliminate restrictions on the acquisition of new cell lines established by Bush. Of course the state will ensure that research is conducted in strict ethics and respect for life umana.Se is true that research on stem cells requires to be taken from human embryos, supports the new U.S. president is also true that in clinics assisted fertilization American esistomo hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos that are not used to playing for and that will be destroyed. Obama believes therefore ethical to use these embryos for the purpose of medical research that can save future in many ways human. Some believe that embryonic stem cells can be replaced by adult ones, but Obama is different view: they do not have the versatility of embryonic ones and can not replace them and until you can reprogram the adult ones remain embryonic material better to work on.

Health of the Sea:

75% of world fish stocks are in serious decline and coral habitats are threatened. The sea is an important resource: controls the climate and weather events on our territory, is a valuable source of food, employment, whether for fishing and for tourism. According to Obama is therefore essential to undertake policies to preserve the marine environment. In addition to act to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and support research in environmental matters, the United States should ratify the Convention on Sea, an agreement ratified by more than 150 countries. The new government will strengthen control over U.S. coasts and beaches, including strengthening respect for national marine sanctuaries.


Thirty-nine U.S. states over the next ten years will be at risk of water shortages. According to Obama, the solution to this problem requires the coordination of federal, state and local governments, and individuals and businesses involved. Prices and policies will work to encourage the efficient use of resources. The state will support the farmers to adopt more sustainable practices in respect of water use, through information, education and economic resources. It will also require a substantial investment to develop new technologies designed to optimize use of water.

Basic research:

The concerns of scientists worried that the global crisis could jeopardize funding for research, Obama risposnde reiterating that basic research was of great importance for the United States in recent cinqunt'anni, and that even when search results do not seem to have practical implications, the impact of technological research often have a huge scope. This is why the new government actually intends to support basic research, doubling the funds in the next ten years, and changing the trend in recent years has seen decreasing investment in this sector.


Americans are increasingly concerned about the costs of healthcare, increasingly prohibitive, and now out of reach for a large slice of Italian nationality. Obama considers unfair that the American health care system work better for insurance companies and for the people. For this reason, the new administration intends to make health insurance more reliable and economical, and to ensure that only covered through taxes paid by salary. Every citizen can also choose their own doctor.

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