Einstein's Special Relativity is safe. Measurements on the Speed of Neutrinos are Incorrect

Measurements performed at CERN - GRAN SASSO ​​on the speed of neutrinos appear to be incorrect. The anomaly revealed during the experiment that took place on September 2011 seemed to uncover a revolution in physics and a violation of Einstein's special relativity. But that anomaly appears to be due simply to a failure of communication between a GPS device and the computer responsible for the registration of measured events.

It is a rude awakening for those who carried out the experiments and hoped to found a violation in the most simple and elegant theory ever devised by human mankind (Einstein's special relativity), but surely a relief for a generation of theoretical and experimental physicists who have spent a lifetime in studying based on the knowledge acquired by the theory of Einstein.

As I reported in various posts (eg see here) it is very likely that the laws of special relativity should be generalized to very high energies up to embrace a new universal constant, the Planck length, exactly in the same way the velocity of light c is. This deviation allows superluminar velocity for particles with very high energy. But clearly the conditions of the experiments performed at CERN-Gran Sasso have not the peculiarities nor the energy to unveil a deviation from Einstein's Special Relativity.

For who do not know about Einstein Theory here it is Special Relativity explained in 5 minutes.


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